Voluntary work

While the trip

We will head to social and agricultural projects to help for some weeks in return for board & lodging.

We want to see how farming is changing on the road and want to spend time working in our profession - social work.

The goal of our trip should not just be crossing the countries on the way to China by bike. Instead, we want to spend longer time at several places than just passing by. There, we want to share daily life, help with what we can, give enthusiasm and live relationships.



Here we present our projects til now

Sheep and bees


Three weeks we were part of a farming-family with three children. They have own bees to produce honey, breed a special kind of sheep, grow a tree nursery with special kinds of food,... We lived in a small wooden house in the shape of a bird house and could help everywhere where help was needed. We fed the sheep, watered the trees, made the wooden boxes ready for the bees, organized family life, learned incredibly much and where just happy and lucky about the family around us.

Life Chance


...is a project that gives disadvantaged young people and orphans the opportunity of an independent life. It is a compound where we lived with the teenagers as in a shared flat. We spent daily life together, cooked a lot, played cards & table-tennis, gave lessons in German,...

The projects also offers coaching for the teenagers, as well as help to find a job and provides basic trainings in different job fields.


It was a pleasure for us to work in a project with our own profession and to see successful social work in Georgia!

The little farm


Yeah! Finally we found a farm where we really wanted to volunteer! Tine could learn to milk goats, we lived in wonderful family, we cooked on the fire and made goat cheese there, we lived surrounded by rice fields and in a coffee region in the green North of Thailand and spend wonderful two weeks. Chicken, pineapple, goats, jack fruits, huge pigs, bamboo, dugs, banana, cows, fish,...

The family grows nearly all there food on their farm and we could learn heaps from them. Super happy that we could help and bring some smiles to the farm (and got so many more of them back).