The vagabonds

Tommi and Tine

That's us.

Before the trip we have been out in the nature with backpack and hiking boots. Now we packed our bikes to start our big adventure.

We are equipped with a lot of unnecessary things (of course this depends on the perspective) - for example with ukulele & mouth organ. That is how we are on the way eastwards with bike and tent.

We are super happy to have the possibility to live outside and to discover new unforgettable landscapes, places and especially people on our way.


Before, we both lived in Freiburg (Germany) in shared flats. Our rooms and our jobs we quit so that we are free now to do it.



Tommi our fire-hero, wimp, friend of shadow

and improviser.

He relaxes all stressed situations, has mastered card-tricks and sings the voice in our duo.


...turns each places in a cosy home, is the navigator and will jump in each stretch of water. 

She is the creative one who will always prefer the sunny place.


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