ROLLING gen Osten. = ROLLING eastwards. the past. Now we are back home!

Have you ever been cycling in the Mongolian desert? We neither.

That is why we, Tommi and Tine, were since March 2018 on the road by bike - loaded with our bags including tent, stove and ukulele. A big adventure for us that brought us healthy back home after 21 months and 12 542 kilometers. Happy & thankful we look back on a trip with a life on different paths, in the tent and between so many lovely & smiling people.

After one and a half years we arrived in our destination Beijing. Who would have thought that...? :) The whole autumn we spent on travelling back slowly - first with the Transsibirian railway until Estonia, and from there by bike until Southern Germany. Perfectly in time we arrived for Christmas back home!

Each day we got surprised from life and the world, made crazy encounters, did sweat, freeze, suffer in one moment, and got presented in the next,... If you want to know more, you can check our "trip in pictures". On our map you can see the whole route of our trip.


While the trip, we have quit our jobs and left our homes to be free to travel and take things as they come. Sometimes we worked as in social and agricultural projects as volunteers.


In the year 2020 we are looking forward to a new daily life - unlike of building the tent, searching for food, finding the way and water,... - with a real home with four walls and our families & friends nearby. 

Hopefully we will soon meet! 



Have fun rummaging here!



While the trip we will - with the exception of our voluntary work stays - mostly have our tent as our home and our petrol-stove and the fire as our kitchen. Our life will now take place outside - the wind and the smells in our face, the sun and the rain on our skin and constantly new neighbors.



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Travel with us... Our Pictures tell the stories. Of the following countries...

Lithuania * Latvia * Estonia * Russia * China * Laos * Thailand * Myanmar * Nepal * India * Iran * Armenia * Georgia * Bulgaria * Romania * Serbia * Hungary * Slovakia * Austria * Germany

Time for popcorn

See our trip in two short films. 

Thank you, Maxi, for shooting a film

while the start of our trip!


Away from home...


days we were on the road